Your Boozy BBQ Brunch Fix at Horse Thief BBQ

If you live anywhere near Downtown LA and haven’t been to Grand Central Market yet, well,  frankly you’re missing out. It’s a vibrant marketplace full of the most diverse vendors you can imagine. Third-wave coffee? Check. Sausages? Vegan ramen? Check. Affordable and fresh produce? Check. Alright, LA does have a diverse food landscape all over the sprawling city that it is, but what some transplants and out-of-towners always miss is some good ol’ Southern-style BBQ. That’s where Horse Thief BBQ has got you covered.

Horse Thief BBQ is located at the Hill Street side of the market, right next to the trendy G&B Coffee bar. Tucked away to the side of the open-air building, you may have walked past it and gone straight through to explore the marketplace, but you’re missing out on something big. Surrounded by trees that provide shade, full of communal benches, tables, and even a new bar, it’s a great space to enjoy a nice meal any time of day.

Horse Thief’s regular menu is comprised of traditional beef brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, and chicken. In addition to the meat plates, they also have sandwiches made with their Texan BBQ goods. For the veggie crowd, they also offer salads and a variety of sides. 

Although their lunch and dinner menu sounds delicious, I ventured in on a Saturday, when their Brunch menu is available. Horse Thief BBQ’s brunch menu has been around for some time now, but their newly expanded bar gives you a boozy brunch option that’s a very welcome addition to Grand Central Market. Only available Saturday and Sunday from 9am-12pm, you’re welcome to their breakfast tacos, salads, mimosas, bellinis, and 12 taps of craft beer.

horse thief-brisket.jpg

Their tacos are made with pillowy soft, house made flour tortillas, fluffy scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of either bacon, brisket, or potato. I ordered the bacon and brisket tacos, along with their baby kale salad. Right when I got these tacos, I was surprised at their size. These tacos come in very generous portions. There’s no doubt that these will fill you up alongside a salad and a mimosa. 

horse thief-kale salad.jpg

Co-founder Wade McElroy is a born and bred Texas native who wanted to bring the almost nonexistent Texas-style BBQ to LA. I think he’s accomplished his mission. The brisket is juicy and has a great smoky flavor just like you’ll find in Texas. The bacon is perfectly salty and complements the scrambled eggs just right. For a BBQ place, I noticed their salad options are actually enticing and more than just romaine or cabbage. There’s an apple-pomegranate salad made with frisée, and a grapefruit-pistachio salad with baby kale. Although both were tempting, I went with the grapefruit and pistachio salad. This salad is comprised of baby kale, mint, red onion, and vinaigrette. It’s a refreshing salad that’s the perfect accompaniment to a brunch meal.

Horse Thief BBQ’s new bar just opened, so you’ll also want to try one of their craft brews on tap, or maybe a fizzy mimosa or bellini while you’re there. I went with a mimosa that was great, but just about any of these drinks would go well with the tacos.

Remember, if you want to try their brunch, come early. They stop serving at noon (yes, that’s a bit early), but it’s a great incentive to wake up a little earlier. Plus, when you finish your taco brunch feast, you can walk around Grand Central Market and maybe get some dessert ice cream at McConnell’s or check out any of the other dozen vendors selling their delightful goods.

Horse Thief BBQ

324 S Hill St

Los Angeles, CA 90013



Mon, Tues, Wed: 11am– 4 pm

Thurs, Fri: 11am– 9 pm

Saturday: 9am –9 PM

Sunday: 9am– 6 pm

Brunch: Sat and Sun 9am-12pm